Innovation alone refers to Creativity.
Making Innovation Work also requires a
culture of sincerity, commitment and hard work.
Project Management

Effective project management—accomplishing objectives, obtaining results, meeting deadlines and staying within budget—requires discipline and a strong work ethic. Metabyte’s corporate culture is known for both these attributes.

We get things done. Today over 17 million people around the world use software developed by Metabyte for work and entertainment. Since 1993 we have routinely completed projects that met the toughest quality and scheduling mandates, including those required to be in compliance with Six Sigma standards. Our approach to project management is a combination of top talent, our StepSmart™ delivery methodology and strict adherence to the principles of the PMI (Project Management Institute). We encourage our people to go through the PMP certification process. 

Project Management Services

Managed Projects: Metabyte expertise on a fixed-price basis, where we are responsible for deliverables.

Consulting: We provide our experienced PMP-certified personnel to work alongside your team to help you manage software development projects.

PMI framework: We are currently developing an on-line tool as a project management framework. Please ask us about being a beta user.

Our unique combination of StepSmartâ„¢ Methodology and PMI processes ensures success

• Specification definition as an iterative process involving business users

• Implementation based on rapid feature deployment and meeting delivery milestones

• Process relies on breaking down a project into smaller sub-projects

• Facilitates informed decision-making earlier in the process at defined breakpoints

• Flexibility enables us to accommodate shifts in the market environment that could lead to changes in system specifications

• Minimized risk to final project milestones by delivering fully-tested, partially-functional software in modules, HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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