Everyone at Metabyte must thrive. We make it a priority to help our employees grow because their progress renews our energy.

Accomplished People

Metabyte hires accomplished professionals worldwide. We are a destination employer for the knowledge workers of the 21st century. Silicon Valley engineers join us after a stint in a startup, graduates from India’s top universities join us after getting five to seven years of experience at major off-shoring companies, and professionals from the big consulting firms are attracted by our relaxed entrepreneurial culture.

Earning, growing, inventing and starting a business—Metabyte provides a platform where you can do it all. The unifying principle of our company culture is that everyone at Metabyte must thrive.

We specify the starting position and salary one would receive at Metabyte, and then we work closely with each individual to help them realize their potential.

Some grow to become leaders of their own micro-business unit (MBU). Others build their ideas into products at Metabyte Ventures, our internal incubator, and take them to market. Some remain as consultants, and we help them expand their skills and increase their income by mentoring and classroom training.

We hire regular full time employees or contractors for the duration of a project.

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