Metabyte’s Core Values
Metabyte’s Core Values

1. Relentless Innovation and Making Innovation Work
We foster an environment where ideas grow and we consistently invest in transforming our inventions into products and services. An idea has value only when it is put to work.

2. Obsessive about Customers
We live in their world and do not rest until we help them succeed. We don't get discouraged by customer problems that we cannot solve - our future business plans emerge from them.

3. Mind the Needs of Our People
We encourage kindness and look for ways to help our people - so they bring their hearts and minds to work.

4. Everyone at Metabyte Must Thrive
We provide an environment where people identify their natural talents and develop them into unmatched strengths. This progress is our energy.

5. Reward Fairly
We pay top salaries to top performers and look to share the reward with people who help earn it. We hire and retain people who expect a lot from themselves.

6. Grow Relationships Into Partnerships
We base relationships, internal and external, on trust, commitment and mutual respect, so they grow into long term partnerships.

7. The Habit of Excellence
We do everything with excellence and do so consistently.

8. Conduct Business with Integrity
We always seek to do the right thing. It takes years to earn trust but just minutes to lose it.

9. Profit is the Primary Reason to be in Business
We make smart decisions and don't waste anything. We build on our history of growth and diversification while remaining profitable., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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